NWSC Ski Club Memberships

Below are the table of fees associated with joining the N.W.S.C Ski Club.

To apply to join this great club, please email or call us. Details are on the Contact Us page

Membership Waiting List $100 (Then transferred and used as key deposit)
Boat Waiting List $150 (Deducted from first year of boat membership)
Gate Key & Card $100 (At the end of membership $50 is refunded & $50 goes toward administration costs. Replacement or additional of either is $100.)
  Membership Costs
(part year considered full year)
Family $380 pa  
Single $330 pa  
Boat $150 pa  

About the membership

The NWSC is a shared facility where events are held and sometimes admission is charged. Presenting your key ring will identify you as a Club member and allow you access for skiing, but will not give free access to the event. The NWSC is secured with a key and electronic card that you must purchase. Family membership includes parents and dependants only, and dependants 18 years or over must send a copy of their student ID.